With our online broadcast solutions we provide you with all the tools to reach an even wider audience with your event.

Reach an even wider audience

For Live Studios

The For Live Studios are located in Amersfoort, a sustainable complex where everything has been thought of. From a hospitality area, a technically advanced control room and even its own parking garage!

JLOUSBERG 20230315 Studio Hanzeboulevard R5 5711 PRINT
JLOUSBERG 20230315 Studio Hanzeboulevard R5 5674 PRINT
JLOUSBERG 20230315 Studio Hanzeboulevard R5 5634 PRINT
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For Live offers regular and mobile online broadcast studio solutions. All studios are built with high-quality audiovisual materials and modular decor systems. The studios are equipped to offer a wide range of online broadcasting possibilities. From live streams with interaction from your audience through tools for Q&A and live polls, to programmes in which large numbers of visitors are digitally present in real time on large LED screens, creating optimal interactivity between presentation and audience.

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Studio 1 voorbeeld
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Studio 3 voorbeeld 3
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Audiovisual apps

Within our online events business unit, a number of unique applications have been developed for the optimal hosting of real-time interactive events. Thanks to our tools it’s possible to offer real-time broadcasts with high-quality video and (stereo) audio quality equivalent to the quality of a buffered stream. This allows for real-time interviews with online participants, as opposed to streamed programmes where there is a 20-30 second delay in the image transfer, and answers to Q&As and live polls entering the broadcast without delay.

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Studio 1 voorbeeld2
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